BIOTEC Master Course Application

molecular bioengineering nanobiophysics regenerative biology and medicine

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Master Course Application

You are invited to apply for the Master's Courses in Molecular Bioengineering, Nanobiophysics and Regenerative Biology and Medicine by using our online registration form.

How to register online


  1. Create a student account
  2. Sign in with your username and password you received via email
  3. Fill-in the application form and upload the necessary attachments
  4. 4. If you are a (prospective) graduate from a non-German institution of higher education, you MUST also apply via uni-assist ( - please complete the registration there and provide your application ID together with your personal details. We can only process your application if you have applied via uni-assist as well!
  5. Submit your application (checking and sending your data)
  6. Make sure you've received an acknowledgment by email confirming your application



All required fields are marked with a star (), all other information is completely optional and there will be no penalty involved when leaving those fields blank. Please note that filling in the details (especially part E and F) will make it easier for our reviewers to rank the candidates correctly. All information will be kept private and will be used only for this selection process. Your information will not be disclosed to any third party.

Please note: Only applicants from German institutions of higher education need to send their documents to our institute. Applicants from non-German institutions of higher education send them directly to uni-assist.

Application deadline is on 31 May 2020.