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Light Microscopy Facility

Services we offer:

The Light Microscopy Facility offers a collection of state-of-the-art light microscopy equipment. We provide training and full technical support for all the instruments along with assistance in designing imaging experiments and data processing.

The facility currently comprises twenty one different systems ranging from high resolution confocals to simple fluorescent video microscopes. Sophisticated image processing can be accomplished on high-end graphics machines.

For a detailed description of our equipment please visit the light microscopy link on the following page [1]

Good to know in addition:

 1. The LMF now has a lightsheet microscope from LaVision BioTec

The Ultramicroscope creates a thin light sheet to illuminate biological samples from the side while imaging the excited plane by a microscope perpendicular to the light sheet. Moving the sample through the light sheet generates a 3D image stack. The light sheet microscope can image samples ranging in size from over 1 cm to a few µm. It is equipped with a white light super continuum lasers for maximum excitation flexibility.

If you like to test the system please contact the LMF!

Picture/Video of the Month

Two month old octopus. Acquired on our lightsheet Ultramicroscope from LaVision BioTec (sample provided by Eric Edsinger)

How to choose an instrument
All users are asked to contact us first and to describe the imaging project planned. Considering this information one of us will propose suitable systems.

In order to help users finding the microscope setup and data analysis approach which best fits their needs, the Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform (BioDIP)  operates as a resource and information sharing cooperation between the BIOTEC, the light and electron microscopy facilities at the MPI-CBG and the Medical Theoretical Center (MTZ). 

Search whole BioDIP-Equipment [3]

How to become a user
Registration in the Technology Pool:

  • BIOTEC and CRTD members may be registered by the Imaging team.
  • External users (outside BIOTEC/CRTD) are kindly asked to contact the Imaging team and sign the "terms of usage" and a "Kostenübernahmeerklärung" 

The systems can be booked online through the BOOKING SYSTEM
Please find the IMPORTANT RULES of the booking system on our FAQ page.

Please see MANUALS of CONFOCALS on our FAQ page. 

Frequently asked questions


Useful links

  1. for information on basic microscopy, imaging techniques, labeling dyes, image processing, literature etc. please visit the BioDIP wiki
  2. all user group mailing list all user group


Who we are:

The Imaging Facility consists of Biologists, Biochemists and Physicists with years of experience in Light Microscopy and Light Spectroscopy. 


WhoPositionSpecialist forContactWeb
Whole Imaging TeamImaging
Hella HartmannBiochemistwidefield & confocal Hella
Ruth HansBiologistwidefield & confocal Ruth
Markus BurkhardtPhysicistconfocal & FCS Markus 
Ellen GeibeltTechniciantechnical assistance
Ronny SczechChemistImage Processing & AnalysisRonnyImage Processing & Analysis

via Trouble Ticket System: Service Request System 
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 The Light Microscopy Facility is supported by the DFG and by EFRE.





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