Examplepictures of DNA-Structures

Central Technology Platform


In knowledge-based technology areas such as modern biotechnology, an excellent technological and intellectual environment is crucial for scientific and economic success. Knowledge and know-how can be translated into profitable innovations and be further developed by collaborative networks between research and industry. The technology platform of the BIOTEC is a central tool for implementing efficient technology transfer. The allocation of modern devices, technologies, and services, both for research groups and collaborators, is an important prerequisite for achieving this goal. Hence, the main purpose of the technology platform is not to generate revenue, but rather to increase the efficiency of technology transfer and to improve the utilization of top quality equipment.

Technology Platform of the BIOTEC

A crucial advantage of the Biopolis Dresden is the way technology platforms of the participating institutes complement each other. This setup provides all scientists on campus and their collaborators with access to an internationally competitive array of state-of-the-art devices and technologies.

Technology Platform DRESDEN-concept

The platform provides scientific equipment, services and technologies that are offered by one of the partners of the DRESDEN-concept research alliance.

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