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The Dresden Experience


TU Dresden

The Technical University of Dresden (TUD) is one of the top 10 universities in Germany and is justifiably proud of its fine tradition in education and the state of the art facilities that resulted from the modernization after the German reunification in 1990. New faculties have been added to the traditional faculties of sciences and engineering including economics, humanities, social sciences and medicine. As a result the range of research possibilities and courses now offered by the TUD is broad and perfectly suited for interdisciplinary graduate studies like the master courses at the BIOTEC.

Over 9,000 members of staff, including 800 professors and senior lecturers ensure the high standards of teaching and research that have established the TUD´s reputation and attracted 30,000 students. 3,000 of them are international students from about 100 different countries. The ratio between staff and students is very competitive and this makes for a more personal atmosphere and excellent studying conditions.

Studying in Dresden

Although Dresden was largely destroyed during the World War II, it is still nicknamed "Florence on the Elbe". The sumptuous art collections and impressive monumental buildings have given the city world-wide fame. Dresden is also a research and science city, as well as an important industrial stronghold. Yet first and foremost, it is a first-rate city of culture, with world-famous ensembles such as the Saxon State Opera, the Saxon State Orchestra and the Kreuzchor singers.

The river Elbe divides Dresden into the old city and the new city. In the old city on the left banks of the Elbe, famous buildings and interesting sights are lined up: the Zwinger, the Green Vault, the Painting Gallery, the castle, the Semper Opera, the Court Chapel, Taschenberg Palace, the Dresden Church of our Lady (Frauenkirche), and the Brühlsche Terrasse. All of these are easy to reach on foot.

The new city, on the other hand, exudes an aura of middle-class baroque and shows what Dresden was like during the industrial revolution. The large district, dating back to the industrial revolution, between Bautzner Strasse and Priessnitzstrasse, Bischofsweg and Königsbrücker Strasse features many lovingly restored buildings that contrast with the old, dilapidated houses. The Äussere Neustadt, Dresden's 'in' district, has particularly appealing contrasts: colourful and exclusive shops, fine and simple restaurants, narrow streets with pubs, restaurants, bars and clubs.

There are three remarkable castles on the Elbe slope between Albert Bridge and Blauem Wunder: Albrechtsberg Castle, Lingner Castle and Eckberg Castle. Pillnitz Castle and Moritzburg Castle in the surrounding region, are also well worth a visit. The Elbe Valley extends around Saxony's capital city and is one of the most beautiful river landscapes in Europe.

10 Reasons why to apply for the international master programs at BIOTEC

  1. You will be taught by internationally leading researchers.
  2. You will be part of an international environment and the courses are taught in English.
  3. You will have access to state-of-the-art lab and computing facilities.
  4. You will be part of a centre that brings university research and industry together under one roof.
  5. You will have good future prospects with post-graduate programs such as the ones of the Dresden International Graduate School for Biomedicine and Bioengineering and the emerging biotechnology industry in Dresden.
  6. You will study at a top university.
  7. You will have access to sports and leisure facilities provided by the university.
  8. You will enjoy a high standard of living at low living costs.
  9. You will study in a beautiful city which offers great leisure activities and a buzzing cultural and night life.
  10. You will be able to apply for funding of your stay in Dresden.

Students? Voices/Testimonials

Junwen from China | Nanobiophysics | class 2008-10 

Our BIOTEC is situated near the River Elbe. Studying here is not only very attractive due to the amazing scenery, but also due to the high level interdisciplinary center for research and studying, and the professors here are strict but very nice. From a famous Chinese saying, I would say that here is the right place for studying in this field because of the 'Good opportunity, favorable geographical location and support from the people'. Enjoying BIOTEC, enjoying my life!

Shashank from India | EMM Nano | class 2005-07

My EMM experience was one great roller-coaster ride through some of the world's most beautiful cities like Paris and Dresden! At the same time, it also brought me face to face with high-quality research at world renowned Max-Planck Institutes and the CNRS. Meeting fellow students from all around the world, sometimes countries I had never heard of before was, of course, the best part! I will certainly cherish and draw upon my experiences of these two years for the rest of my life.

Pablo from Colombia | Molecular Bioengineering | class 2008-10

To undertake the Master course in Molecular Bioengineering has been a really good decision. In the first place, it gave me the opportunity to meet and interact with people coming from different backgrounds in terms of country of origin, cultural context and education. Moreover, the structure of the program which integrates very interesting subjects like bionanotechnology, bioinformatics and genomics, among others, have awaken my scientific interest in fields which were unknown for me.

A very good advantage of the BIOTEC compared to other institutions is
its close interaction with the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, the Medical Theoretical Centre and the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden, which provide us not only with a variety of projects for carrying out our master thesis but also with weekly seminars in different fields.

Dresden besides of being a beautiful, unforgettable and peaceful city located at the Elbe river and surrounded by amazing castles like Pillnitz and Moritzburg, is a very vivid place with good atmosphere and affordable prices for students. I have really enjoyed my time here in Dresden.

Stanley from India | Nanobiophysics | class 2008-10

After my Bachelor studies in Biotechnology I was looking for an interdisciplinary master program. The BIOTEC, TU Dresden offers exactly the same kind of course which I was interested in. It includes topics ranging from molecular biology to nanotechnology and molecular motors and offers a wide range of training in world class research facilities. The most advantageous part of this course is the lectures and lab courses by eminent professors from Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, IFW, BIOTEC and Leibniz-Institute.

The presence of highly motivated international students from many different countries is a great opportunity to learn about different cultures. The atmosphere at BIOTEC is very supportive and encouraging in terms of research and studying, e.g. this semester we participate in the iGEM competition organized by Massachussetts Institute of Technology/USA.

For me, Dresden - or as it is also known 'Florence on the Elbe? - is the most beautiful historical place in Germany that raised from its ashes like phoenix to prove its potential.

Julia from Germany | Molecular Bioengineering | class 2008-10

The international atmosphere in the master course as well as at the institute gives you a good feeling for modern science. The students have different educational backgrounds that open up your mind with new thoughts. During lectures the professors provide you with insights into today?s research and the direct contacts with them make it easy to gain practical experiences as a student assistant at the BIOTEC or the nearby Max Planck Institute or the Medical Theoretical Center.

Living and studying in Dresden is really great. It offers a great combination between nature (Saxon Switzerland, ?Florence on the Elbe?), history, culture and party life, so there is no chance of boredom. For me it is also attractive, because you are able to get everywhere by bike.

Arthur from Brazil | EMM Nano | class 2005-07

The EMM-Nano provides not only the opportunity to study at some of the best universities in Europe but also a rich intercultural environment! In my case, I had classmates from more than 20 different countries! It is an amazing chance to learn and share great experiences! The structure of the program gives the student plenty of freedom to adjust the curriculum according to his interests while giving the essential background which is necessary to such a broad field like nanotechnology.

Anja from Russia | Nanobiophysics | class 2008-10

Dresden is an awesome place for studying: on the one hand, it's a nice city full of young people and, on the other, one can find incredible facilities for research. There are plenty of ways to express yourself if you want to study biophysics or nanotechnology or both. In BIOTEC we as master students find any kind of support and this gives all the courage and inspiration which is needed for doing science.

Dennis from Georgia | Molecular Bioengineering | class 2007-09

Studying in BIOTEC is a lifetime opportunity to get into the exciting world of science. If science is your passion it will definitely be a right step to make towards a scientific career. If you are still undecided and you come to Dresden, the scientific environment here, attitude of the people and interdisciplinary approach of the program will definitely encourage you to get involved and eventually you will find yourself enjoying every moment of your stay in Dresden. And it is not all about science here, but also meeting great people, having fun at the parties and simply enjoying one of the most beautiful cities of Germany.

Saurabh from India | EMM Nano | class 2007-09

I made the transition from India to Europe in order to study the new emerging field Nanoscience through a program that is unique in the world and has a good international reputation. In the shape of the Erasmus Mundus program in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology there was a golden opportunity for me to study in any two of the world class renowned universities out of the four participating universities i.e. Catholic University Leuven, Delft University of Technology, Dresden University of Technology and Chalmers University by spending one year of my masters at each of the two universities. The biggest plus point of the program was that it was fully funded and was also offering a dual degree i.e. one each from the attended university. I accepted the offer for this program and came for my first year in Delft with my second year in Dresden.

Now when I am at the end of the second year and also the program, I could happily say that I made the right decision to join this program. The most incredible thing about the program which I experienced was that it integrates so many aspects of Nanoscience and nanotechnology on extensive basis, without sacrificing the level of details and quality of education.

For my second year, I came to Dresden University of Technology. I was very excited while coming here because of two main facts, firstly, I would get a chance to study and work at a place which is extensively focusing on Nanobiotechnology, the field in which I always wanted to do something and secondly half of my master?s course is finished J . Before coming here I read a lot about the researches going on at the BIOTEC faculty of T.U. Dresden which works in close collaboration with Max Plank Institutes, Max Bergmann Centre for Biomaterials and Medical Theoretical Center and was fascinated about it and this was the main motivation which compelled me to come to Dresden for my second year and do my thesis here.

During the first month in Dresden I got to learn about the German life style, made new friends and enhanced my party skills and then it was time to face real side of TU life ? the courses were sometimes challenging, though I had a biotechnology background. The weather in Dresden just complements the study environment with winds, surprise rain showers and the sun shining even at 10 in the night during summer.  I found new friends here, I learnt new culture from another country, went travelling magnificent places, to be concise things were the best as anyone could imagine. 

The best part about Dresden is after 5 pm your mind stops working and demands loud music and beer which means it?s party time. Almost every Friday night in Dresden has been special either in the beer hour at the BIOTEC or it was partying and dancing in a club or dinner at some friends? place. This just shows that Dresden lets you enjoy a perfect balance of student life.

Although the end of this adventure is near, bringing the sadness of goodbyes to friends and university, Dresden has given me one of the best experiences in my life, with knowledge, experiences and friends that I would stay in my mind and heart wherever I go.

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