Examplepictures of DNA-Structures

Teaching activities of our group include

PhD-Students of the International PhD-Programm Dresden
LecturerFrancis Stewart, Konstantinos Anastassiadis, Tony Hyman
Time5 days, Monday-Friday, full time
Course requirementsPreference to students in the PhD-program
Course content4 recombineering practicals illustrating different points. 6 lectures on theory and backround
Encountered methodsRecombineering methods, competent cells, electroporation, handling BACs, designing constructs.
Master course 'Molecular Bioengineering'
title lecture/courselecturer/supervisorsemester
Genomes and EvolutionlectureFrancis Stewart1st (winter semester)
Genomes and Evolutionlab courseFrank Groß1st (winter semester, 10 days)
Combinatorial Principles in Chemistry and BiochemistrylectureFrank Groß, Yixin Zhang (bCube)1st (winter semester)
Chemistry with Biomoleculeslab courseFrank Groß, Yixin Zhang (bCube)2nd (summer semester, 5 days)
Genome EngineeringlectureFrancis Stewart2nd (summer semester)
Genome and Stem Cell Engineeringlab courseAndrea Kranz, Frank Groß2nd (summer semester, 5 days)
Master course 'Nanobiophysics'
Introduction into BiochemistrylectureFrancis Stewart, Konstantinos Anastassiadis, Frank Groß, Andrea Kranz1st (winter semester)
Introduction into Biochemistrylab courseFrank Groß1st (winter semester, 5 days)
Bachelor course 'Molekulare Biotechnologie'
GenomicslectureFrank Groß4th (summer semester)
Genomicslab courseFrank Groß4th (summer semester, 5 days)

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