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For plasmid requests

Please Contact: Francis Stewart

In addition some of our plasmids as well as a variety of other cassettes and kits can be obtained from Gene Bridges.

Please provide a Fed-Ex no.(for international shipping) or DHL no. (for national shipping) and your complete address (including a telephone no.) in your email.

Not all plasmids of this list are still sent out! We only send the newest or published versions but keep the sequence information here for previous requests.

Please note, sequence files accessible here are partly based on cut and paste constitutions, supported in part, but not systematically, by sequence confirmations.

We receive a large number of plasmid requests. Although we try to respond to all, please restrict any request to your finite goals. This is not a chocolate box. Multiple shopping list requests are liable to go to the bottom of the pile. Be specific - for example, one of our all-time favourite requests was, in its entirety - "Dear Dr. S, Would you please send me your very interesting plasmids. Yours sincerely .....".

We also receive a number of repeated requests: Please read the instructions about the plasmids in the papers carefully and contact the author of the paper if you have paper-related questions. Furthermore, our hints in the Gene Targeting Guide and Recombineering Guide might help you to ensure successful plasmid usage. Please streak (and test) the plasmids upon arrival according to (our) standard antibiotic selections. 

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