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Python Resources

To learn python, you can draw entirely from online resources, of which some of the most useful (especially in a bioinformatics context) are listed below.

There was an excellent bioinformatics tutorial in python both as PDF or HTML, provided by Schuerer/Letondal from Pasteur institute:
Python course in Bioinformatics


Python's first and official address is python.org. Start with the tutorial.

Specific look-up references

Use these resources as a reference tool in order to look up single commands/techniques. The Python 2.5 Quick reference might be very useful when sitting on the computer and actually doing some programming.


Development Environments

We will mainly use emacs. Most instructions will be geared towards this editor, also called the swiss army knife of editors. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. A short intro, using Python within Emacs and the official Emacs Editor description.

For windows users at home, there are (at least) two more choices: IDLE - an Integrated DeveLopment Environment for Python (easy, straightforward, no frills) Or, more advanced, try PythonWin which even has automatic command completion: <<<<IMAGE HERE>>>>

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