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Ontology Generation Plugin (DOG4DAG)

Dresden Ontology Generator for Directed Acyclic Graphs (DOG4DAG)

DOG4DAG is an ontology generation plugin for both Protégé 4.1 and OBO-Edit 2.1. It allows for term generation, sibling generation, definition generation, and relationship induction. By integrating it into Protégé and OBO-Edit, DOG4DAG allows ontology extension for all common ontology formats (e.g., OWL and OBO).

Features include:

  • Generation of terms from natural language text (English or German) that can be retrieved from PubMed, the Web or from PDF documents.
  • Discovery of siblings from existing terms with identical parent terms.
  • Domain-independent generation of natural language definitions.
  • Prediction of sub-class relationships.
  • Automatic mapping of generated terms to existing ontologies using the BioPortal Web Service or the EBI Ontology Lookup Service.

DOG4DAG plugin for Protégé 4.1

Download the plugin for Protégé, an ontology editor for the OWL format. It is integrated as a tab widget into the editor. Protege itself can be downloaded here.

DOG4DAG plugin for OBO-Edit 2.1

Download OBO-Edit, an ontology editor for the OBO format. The editor already includes the DOG4DAG plugin. It can be loaded by clicking on Tools > Ontology Generation Tool.


Thomas Wächter and Michael Schroeder: Semi-automated ontology generation within OBO-Edit. Bioinformatics (2010) 26(12): i88-i96 doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btq188
Supplementary Material
Thomas Wächter, Götz Fabian, Michael Schroeder: DOG4DAG: semi-automated ontology generation in OBO-Edit and Protégé. SWAT4LS London, 2011. doi:10.1145/2166896.2166926
Götz Fabian, Thomas Wächter, Michael Schroeder: Extending ontologies by finding siblings using set expansion techniques. Accepted for proceedings at ISMB 2012

ISMB 2012

Find us at ISMB 2012 where Götz will give a talk on sibling generation for ontology generation using DOG4DAG. The talk is scheduled to take place on 17 July 2012 at 10:45 AM (room TBD).


Thomas Wächter
Götz Fabian
Michael Schroeder

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