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Denis Corbeil - Tissue Engineering from Prominin-1/CD133+ stem and progenitor cells

  • 1994: Ph.D. University of Montreal, Canada 
  •  1994-1997: Postdoctoral work at the Department of Neurobiology, University of Heidelberg
  •  1997-2001: Staff Scientist at the Department of Neurobiology, University of Heidelberg
  •  2001-2004: Group Leader at Medical Clinic and Polyclinic I of TU Dresden  with joint appointment at MPI-CBG
  •  2004-present: Group Leader at Biotechnology Center of the TU Dresden 
  • 2014 – present: Honorary University Fellow, Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine & Dentistry



Previous and Current Research

The focus of our research is to understand the first step of tissue formation, which relies on the cell biological basis of stem cell proliferation and differentiation. We particularly concentrate on stem cells that express the marker prominin-1 (CD133).

Fig. 1 - Membrane topology of prominin-1 (CD133).

 Previously, we have reported the molecular and cell biological characterization of prominin-1, a pentaspan membrane glycoprotein (Fig. 1). This cholesterol-binding protein is specifically associated with plasma membrane protrusions, irrespective of the cell type, by a molecular mechanism that involves a membrane lipid microdomain. We have identified also a second prominin molecule (referred to as prominin-2) that exhibits a similar, but not identical, tissue distribution and subcellular localization to prominin-1. Moreover, several splice variants of prominin-1 have been identified and characterized. They show a broad range of expression, from myelin to the tail of spermatozoa. Importantly, prominin-1 is expressed in several stem cells originating from various sources, including the neural and hematopoietic system, and prominin-1 is now used for stem cell isolation. Likewise, certain epitopes, e.g. AC133, of prominin-1 might be used as markers of cancer stem cells.
 The physiological function of these pentaspan membrane glycoproteins, which are conserved through metazoan evolution, remains to be established. Nevertheless, the general preference of these proteins for plasma membrane protrusions, including the membrane evaginations at the based of the outer segment of photoreceptor cells and the identification of mutations in the human PROM-1 gene that cause retinal degeneration, have led to the hypothesis that prominin-1 acts as an organizer of plasma membrane protrusions.

Fig. 2 - Hematopoietic stem cells growing on multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells as feeder cell layer.

Future Prospects and Goals

In the future, we will functionally characterize prominins using molecular and cell biological approaches as well as animal models (mouse, zebrafish, axolotl). Besides studying the cell biological basis of tissue formation, in particular in the hematopoietic system (see Fig. 2 and Fig. 3), my lab will also investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the retinal degeneration associated with mutations in the PROM-1 gene, and evaluate the possibility of using prominin-1 as a novel tool in the diagnosis of retinal degeneration.

Fig. 3 - Symmetric and asymmetric distribution of prominin-1 (AC133 epitope) in dividing hematopoietic stem cells (for details see Fargeas et al., (2006) Future Lipidology; Bauer et al., (2008) Cells Tissues Organs; Fonseca et al., (2008) Blood Cells Mol Dis). White arrows indicate the midbody. Bars, 5 µm.

 Finally, the role of prominins in lipid raft membrane microdomain formation will be investigated, as well as the function of these microdomains in normal prominin-1+ hematopoietic stem cells and their leukemic counterparts.


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