Examplepictures of DNA-Structures

Teaching activities of our group include

PhD-Students of the International PhD-Programm Dresden
LecturerFrancis Stewart, Konstantinos Anastassiadis, Tony Hyman
Time5 days, Monday-Friday, full time
Course requirementsPreference to students in the PhD-program
Course content4 recombineering practicals illustrating different points. 6 lectures on theory and backround
Encountered methodsRecombineering methods, competent cells, electroporation, handling BACs, designing constructs.
Master course 'Molecular Bioengineering'
title lecture/courselecturer/supervisorsemester
Genomes and EvolutionlectureFrancis Stewart1st (winter semester)
Genomes and Evolutionlab courseFrank Groß1st (winter semester, 10 days)
Combinatorial Principles in Chemistry and BiochemistrylectureFrank Groß, Yixin Zhang (bCube)1st (winter semester)
Biochemistry/Surface Chemistrylab courseFrank Groß2nd (summer semester, 5 days)
Genome EngineeringlectureFrancis Stewart2nd (summer semester)
Genome Engineeringlab courseFrank Groß2nd (summer semester, 5 days)
Molecular Tissue Engineeringlab courseAndrea Kranz, Frank Groß3rd (winter semester, 5 days)
Master course 'Nanobiophysics'
Introduction into BiochemistrylectureFrancis Stewart, Konstantinos Anastassiadis, Frank Groß, Andrea Kranz1st (winter semester)
Introduction into Biochemistrylab courseFrank Groß1st (winter semester, 5 days)
Bachelor course 'Molekulare Biotechnologie'
GenomicslectureFrank Groß4th (summer semester)
Genomicslab courseFrank Groß4th (summer semester, 5 days)

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