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Work against Poverty at the „Day of Action genialsozial 2013” – Pupils work at the BIOTEC


During the Saxon „Day of Action genialsozial 2013” on July 9, 2013 pupils can exchange a day in school for a day at work in companies, associations, or institutes. Their wages are afterwards donated to humanitarian or social projects. Today there are two pupils, grade 5 and 7 from two different grammar schools, working in the Biotechnology Center at the TU Dresden in the office of the administration and in the media kitchen that prepares solutions and culture media for the scientific work. This year, the BIOTEC is participating for the first time in this initiative of the Saxon Youth Foundation. One part of the wages this year will benefit the flood aid. In addition, projects of the development cooperation in Guatemala, Mozambique, and Madagascar are supported.

Website of the initiative:  http://www.genialsozial.de

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