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CMCB introduces its directorate: Prof. Nils Kröger (B CUBE), Prof. Jochen Guck (BIOTEC) and Prof. Ezio Bonifacio (CRTD)


The Center for Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering (CMCB) introduces its managing director and deputy directors. Prof. Nils Kröger (B CUBE) will lead the CMCB as managing director, Prof. Jochen Guck (BIOTEC) and Prof. Ezio Bonifacio (CRTD) will hold the positions as deputy directors. The CMCB is a Central Research Unit of the Technische Universität Dresden and was legally established in 2016 as an umbrella organization of the three institutions BIOTEC, CRTD, and B CUBE. Since the elections of the formal governance bodies in May 2017, the CMCB is now fully in place and further synergizes its strengths in interdisciplinarity, innovation and internationality. The three institutes are an integral part of the research priority area of TU Dresden „Health Sciences, Biomedicine and Bioengineering”. The institutes are working under one roof with respect to strategic developments in the university, teaching, administration and provision of scientific infrastructure and services. The CMCB will also be responsible for structural decisions such as professorship appointments, introduction of study courses and the acquisition of major grant funded projects. Approximately 500 employees, out of which 35% come from more than 30 different countries, from almost 40 working groups undertake research and training at the Center for Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering. Additionally, 140 students are enrolled across three CMCB master programs.

Picture: Prof. Nils Kröger, Prof. Jochen Guck, Prof. Ezio Bonifacio (from left to right)

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