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Summer University in the CRTD and BIOTEC


As part of the Summer University of the Technische Universität Dresden, 18 female students, aged 17 to 19, visited the BIOTEC and CRTD on July 18. They listened to a presentation about the scientific work being carried out in the CRTD and Biotechnology Center of the Technische Universität Dresden. The following tour introduced the group to three main research facilities in the building, where scientists presented the Atomic Force Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy and the Biophysics Laser Park. The Summer University of the Technische Universität Dresden is held yearly and aims to interest high school graduates all over Germany in natural sciences as well as technical and mathematical subjects. Throughout In the four-week Summer University, three weeks are dedicated to female students and one to males. For more information, see here.

More than 500 people visited the BIOZ, BIOTEC, and CRTD during the Long Night of Science


On Friday, June 29, around 540 members of the public took part in the Long Night of Science that was held from 6pm-1am in the BioInnovationCenter. Research groups from the TU Dresden Biotechnology Center and the DFG-Center for Regenerative Therapies, as well as companies from the building presented their research to an interested public. Scientists were showing luminescent fruit flies, three-dimensional proteins, mouse stem cells, and a laser park. Breathing gas sensors and RNAi techniques to study gene function were open for exploration at Cenix Bioscience and ACEOS GmbH. A special kids tour introduced the littlest visitors to zebrafish and the fruit flies.

Long Night of Science June 29, 2007


As participants in the Long Night of Science (5. Dresdner Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften), the BIOTEC and CRTD will open their doors to interested members of the public. Come find out about what our scientists do and the types of research conducted by companies in the BioInnovation Center. You can tour the building, visiting different stations, or watch a film about stem cells. For children, there will be a special kids-tour and kids-corner from 18.00-21.00. Snacks and drinks will be offered by our canteen. You can find the detailed program here

Visit of Saxon minister of state for Economic Affairs and Labor


The Saxon minister of state for Economic Affairs and Labor Thomas Jurk visited the BioInnovationsCenter on 7 May 2007. As part of the 13th European week journalists were invited to join Thomas Jurk on his tour through the BIOZ where he visited the four companies JADO Technologies GmbH, nAmbition GmbH, InnoTere GmbH, and Novaled AG as well as the research group for Cellular Machines of Prof. Daniel Müller in the university part of the BIOZ. The minister of state and the journalists were informed how the money of the European structural fond is forward-looking employed in the companies and research groups. Prof. Michael Brand, speaker of the BIOTEC, gave also information about the development and future of the BIOTEC and the Center for Regenerative Therapies (CRTD). Thomas Jurk announced that the money from the European structural fond will be increasingly employed for research.

21 Girls visit the BIOTEC and CRTD on Girls Day


All available places were reserved early by girls from different schools in Dresden and its surroundings for the Girls' day 2007 at the BIOTEC and CRTD. The girls had the opportunity to experience science from close up and hear three women of the CRTD and the BIOTEC speak about their work and research. By talking about their own career in science and administration, the women encouraged the girls to start studies or apprenticeships in science and technology. In a tour around the building, the girls experienced stem cells and fish embryos under microscopes as well as the fish facility in the BIOTEC.

Delegation from Tatarstan in the BIOZ


On 15 March 2007, his Excellency the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Mintimer Scharipovitsch Shaymiev, and the Prime Minister of Saxony, Prof. Dr. Georg Milbradt, visited the BioInnovation Center as part of a 3-day state visit to Germany and Saxony. The high-ranking delegation from Tatarstan, a member state of the Russian federation, included also some of the ministers and economic leaders of this country. They wanted to inform themselves about the biotechnology initiative in Saxony. Prof. Dr. Michael Brand (Director of the BIOTEC and the CRTD) and Dr. Marc Hentz (Biosaxony) discussed biotechnology in Saxony and the research and aims in the BIOTEC and CRTD. The Tatarstan delegation also visited the company nAmbition, a nano-biotechnology company located in the BioInnovation Center. Aim of the visit was to investigate emerging technology fields. Tatarstan currently actively develops its economic relations with Saxony.


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