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Research Associate / PostDoc


At the Biotechnology Center, an Institute of the Center for Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering (CMCB), the Chair of Biophysics (Prof. Dr. Stephan Grill) is offering a position for a

Research Associate / PostDoc
(Subject to personal qualification employees are remunerated according to salary group E-13 TV-L)

as of 1st December 2018. The position is limited for 2 years with the possibility of a 2 years extension. The period of employment is governed by Fixed Term Research Contracts Act (Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz-WissZeitVG). The position offers the chance to obtain further academic qualification.

The Chair of Biophysics is interested in understanding the biophysical basis of morphogenesis. We combine theory and experiment, and investigate force generation on multiple scales (for more information see www.biotec.tu-dresden.de/research/grill.html).

Tasks: She/he will work as a Postdoc on a challenging project involving the in vitro reconstitution of the actomyosin cortex to understand how active torques are generated at the molecular level, and how active torque generation in the actomyosin cortex drives chiral morphogenesis, e.g. during left/right axis establishment. This project is part of a recently funded ERC Advanced Grant "Chiral Morphogenesis - Physical Mechanisms of Actomyosin-Based Left/Right Symmetry Breaking in Biological Systems".

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