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Coordination of progenitor specification and growth in the developing spinal cord

CMCB Green Seminar

Date:22.11.2018, 16:00 - 17:00
Speaker: Prof. Anna Kicheva, Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Location: CRTD, auditorium left
Host: Dr. Julieta Aprea

During tissue development morphogen signaling controls both pattern formation and tissue growth. In turn the profiles of morphogen activity depend on the molecular and biophysical properties of tissues. The goal of our research is to unravel the feedbacks between cell fate specification, tissue growth and morphogen signaling in the developing spinal cord. Understanding how these processes are coordinated will provide insight into how the reproducibility and accuracy of spinal cord development is achieved.

5 most recent papers

Decoding of position in the developing neural tube from antiparallel morphogen gradients. 
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Science (2017) 356(6345):1379-1383.

The roles of negative feedback and Gli regulation in the dynamics of Shh signaling. 
Cohen M, Kicheva A, Ribeiro A, Blassberg R, Page K, Briscoe J.
Nature Comm(2015): 6, 6709.

Coordination of progenitor specification and growth in mouse and chick spinal cord. 
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Science (2014): 345 (6204):1254927.

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Science (2007): 315, 521-5.

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