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Segmentation - from Pixels to Biology

BioDIP Spring Seminar

Date:28.03.2017, 14:00 - 16:00
Speaker: Benoit Lombardot (MPI-CBG),
Marija Metejcic (MPI-CBG),
Gunar Fabig (MTZ),
Florian Jung (MPI-CBG)
Location: CRTD, Seminar room 1
Host: BioDIP

Dear friends of microscopy,

please be kindly invited to the BioDIP Spring Seminar on "Segmentation - from Pixels to Biology". This seminar is dedicated to those who aim to obtain quantitative data from images.

The introduction  will be given by Benoit Lombardot (Scientific Computing Facility, MPI-CBG) who will be introducing you to the basics of segmentation and he will be presenting fiji as one of the important tools for image analysis. Marija Matejcic (Norden lab, MPI-CBG) will present Imaris as tool for segmenting the entire retinal tissue in the developing zebra fish eye. Gunar Fabig (Müller-Reichart lab, MTZ)  will demonstrate the use of Arivis for segmenting and quantifying meiotic spindles in C. elegans. Moreover Florian Jug (MPI-CBG) will give an outlook on future advancements of segmentation technologies.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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