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Natural killer cells in the initiation and exacerbation of Ankylosing Spondylitis

TRR67/CRTD External Seminar

Date:22.05.2017, 14:00 - 15:00
Speaker: Dr. Nicole Horwood (Osteoimmunology group, The Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University of Oxford, UK)
Location: CRTD, auditorium left
Host: Dr. Franziska Knopf

About Nicole Horwood's research:

The prevalence of immune cells and mediators as major regulatory factors in skeletal biology has become increasingly evident in the last 20 years yet the complexity of the various interactions continues to provide challenges for immunologists and bone biologists world-wide. Osteoimmunology seeks to define the roles and interactions of immune cells with skeletal cells and to identify shared pathways and signalling molecules.  By understanding these interactions and mediators, my lab aims to apply this clinically for the treatment of bone cancers and metastases, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), osteoporosis, and periodontitis.

We are currently focused on determining how inflammation can cause both bone destruction and bone formation in ankylosing spondylitis and on identifying ways to alter the bone environment in multiple myeloma and leukaemia to reduce disease burden and preserve bone architecture.

Selected publications:

1    Ersek, A., Xu, K., Antonopoulos, A., Butters, T. D., Santo, A. E., Vattakuzhi, Y., Williams, L. M., Goudevenou, K., Danks, L., Freidin, A., Spanoudakis, E., Parry, S., Papaioannou, M., Hatjiharissi, E., Chaidos, A., Alonzi, D. S., Twigg, G., Hu, M., Dwek, R. A., Haslam, S. M., Roberts, I., Dell, A., Rahemtulla, A., Horwood, N. J. and Karadimitris, A. Glycosphingolipid synthesis inhibition limits osteoclast activation and myeloma bone disease. J Clin Invest 125, 2279-2292, (2015).

2    Ersek, A., Santo, A. I., Vattakuzhi, Y., George, S., Clark, A. R. and Horwood, N. J. Strain dependent differences in glucocorticoid-induced bone loss between C57BL/6J and CD-1 mice. Scientific reports 6, 36513, (2016).

3    Horwood, N. J. Macrophage Polarization and Bone Formation: A review. Clinical reviews in allergy & immunology 51, 79-86, (2016).

4    Nicolaidou, V., Wong, M. M., Redpath, A. N., Ersek, A., Baban, D. F., Williams, L. M., Cope, A. P. and Horwood, N. J. Monocytes induce STAT3 activation in human mesenchymal stem cells to promote osteoblast formation. PLoS One 7, e39871, (2012).

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