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Frontiers in Regeneration: Immunity in Regeneration

Frontiers in Regeneration: Immunity in Regeneration

Date:22.09.2020, 12:00 - 15:00
Location: GoToMeeting

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Access Code: 264-212-501


12 pm - 1 pm         Ruslan Medzhitov (Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, USA)
                                 Title: Macrophages and tissue homeostasis

1 pm – 1:15 pm      Max Yun/Hannah Walters (CRTD & MPI-CBG, Dresden, Germany)
                                  Title: Revisiting the role of macrophages in limb regeneration through genetic approaches

1:15 pm – 1:30 pm  BREAK

1:30 pm – 1:45 pm  Michael Sieweke/ NN (CRTD, Dresden, Germany & CIML, Marseille, France)
                                   Title: Macrophage aging and replicative life span

1:45 pm - 2 pm      Franziska Knopf/Karina Geurtzen (CRTD & Center for Healthy Aging TU Dresden, Germany)
                                 Title: The influence of macrophages on bone regeneration in the zebrafish fin

2 pm - 3 pm           Allison Pettit (Mater Research Institute - UQ, Brisbane, Australia)
                                (joint invitation of CRTD and Transregio 67 Dresden - Leipzig)
                                Title: Osteal macrophage contributions across the skeletal lifespan: development, homeostasis, regeneration and degeneration

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