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BIOTEC PhD seminar: "How phenotypic data can guide structure and function prediction"


Date: 05.10.2009
Time: 12pm
Location: BIOTEC E05

Jana Sontheimer - Pisabarro lab

BIOTEC Post-Doc Seminar: "Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy on biological membranes"


Date: 28.09.2009
Time: 12pm
Location: BIOTEC E05

Speaker: Jonas Ries - Schwille lab

BIOTEC PhD Seminar: "Ken and Barbie's friends and family: Automated ontology generation and term disambiguation in bio-ontologies"


Date: 21.09.2009
Time: 12:00
Location: BioZ, E05

Speaker: Dimitra Alexopoulou Schroeder lab

The human TOPONOME project: Translating the cellular protein network code into efficient therapies


Date: 18.09.2009
Time: 11:00
Location: BioZ, 5th floor, room 1 and 2

Speaker: Walter Schubert, Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, Germany Host: Michael Schroeder

BIOTEC PostDoc Seminar: "CtrkCreER mice: a system to study the in vivo role of Osteoclasts in bone remodeling"


Date: 07.09.2009
Time: 12:00
Location: BioZ, E05

Speaker: Arantxa Sanchez Fernandez Hoflack lab

BIOTEC Seminar: "The Spir/formin interaction in actin nucleation"


Date: 07.09.2009
Time: 11:00
Location: BIOTEC, Room 209

Speaker: Eugen Kerkhoff, Institute of Functional Genomics, University of Regensburg
Host: Petra Schwille

Autoimmunität: wenn das Immunsystem aus dem Ruder läuft


November 17, 2009

Dresdner Seniorenakademie - Wissenschaft und Kunst

Dr. Karsten Kretschmer (CRTD) talks about the topic:

"Autoimmunität: wenn das Immunsystem aus dem Ruder läuft"

Time:          2.50 pm -4.20 pm
Location:   Biotechnology Center of the TU Dresden, Tatzberg 47/49, 01307 Dresden, seminar room 1, 5th floor

BIOTEC PhD Seminar: "Identification of protein networks supporting membrane trafficking"


Date: Monday, 23 November
Time: 12:00
Location: BIOTEC, E05

Speaker: Christian Niehage, Hoflack lab

BIOTEC FORUM: "Probing the cell"


Date: December 14-15, 2009
Location: Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics

Please see the conference homepage for details

BIOTEC PhD Seminar: "New Cre-family recombinase and Estrogen-Binding domain evolution"


Date: Monday, 7 December
Time: 12:00
Location: BIOTEC E05
Speaker: Madima Karinova - Stewart lab


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