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Public Selection Symposium: W3 Chair of Cellular Biochemistry

Datum:19.04.2018, 09:00 - 13:00

Location: BIOTEC at BioInnovationsZentrum, 5th floor, Conference Room 1 and 2, Tatzberg 47-49, 01307 Dresden




9:00 am

Welcome by Prof. Nils Kröger

9:10 am

Simon Alberti

Organizing living matter: the role of phase transitions in cell biology and disease

9:40 am

Thomas Becker

Essential for life – protein biogenesis in mitochondria

10:10 am

Henrik Bringmann

A molecular understanding of sleep

10:40 am

Benoit Kornmann

Organelle contact sites: what are they, what are they good for, and how can they be bad

11:10 am

Coffee/Tea break

11:30 am

Sascha Martens

Mechanisms of Selective Autophagy

12:00 pm

Sabine Schneider

Structure-function relationship of nucleic acids

12:30 pm

David Teis

Selective membrane protein degradation pathways and metabolism

1:00 pm



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