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Regeneration after Spinal Cord Injury: Classical and System Biology Approaches

CRTD External Seminar

Datum:02.10.2015, 11:00 - 12:00
Sprecher: Barbara Grimpe, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
Ort: CRTD, auditorium left
Gastgeber: Michell Reimer

About the research of Dr. Grimpe: The research of my laboratory addresses spinal cord injury and the concomitant failure of nerve regeneration. As a possible new therapeutic we demonstrated the many desirable properties of deoxyribozymes, a knock down technology able to strongly reduce the expression of arbitrary proteinous inhibitors of axonal growth. Due to the multitude of involved interacting biomolecules my laboratory employed more and more sophisticated software tools in order to cope with complexity, predict regulation mechanisms and to identify promising molecular targets. Computer-based comparative analysis of regenerating and non-regenerating animals is forming one new direction of investigations. Through all that, my group became convinced that knowledge representations, computational modeling and simulation in combination with wet lab experiments will institute a new promising research strategy to overcome the barring complexity encountered in such notoriously hard problems like spinal cord injury and regeneration. Publications: Lemmon V, Ferguson A, Popovich P, Xu XM, Snow D, Igarashi M, Beattie C, Bixby J. Consortium: Abeyruwan S, Beattie M, Bethea J, Bradke F, Bresnahan J, Bunge M, Callahan A, David S, Dunlop S, Fawcett J, Fehlings M, Fischer I, Giger R, Goshima Y, Grimpe B, Hagg T, Hall E, Harrison B, Harvey A, He C, He Z, Hirata T, Hoke A, Hulsebosch, Hurtado A, Jain A et al. (2014) Minimal Information About a Spinal Cord Injury Experiment (MIASCI): a proposed reporting standard for spinal cord injury experiments, Journal of Neurotrauma, Epub ahead of print      (IF: 4.295)

Oudega M, Chao OY, Avison DL, Bronson RT, Buchser WJ, Hurtado A, Grimpe B (2012) Systemic administration of a deoxyribozyme to xylosyltransferase-1 mRNA promotes recovery after a spinal cord contusion injury, Experimental Neurology, 237: 170-179  (IF: 4.699)

Hurtado A, Podini H, Oudega M, Grimpe B (2008) Deoxyribozyme-mediated knock down of xylosyltransferase-1 mRNA promotes axon growth in the adult rat spinal cord, Brain 131: 2596-605  (IF: 9.457)    

Ries A, Goldberg JL, Grimpe B (2007) A novel biological function for CD44 in axon growth of retinal ganglion cells identified by a bioinformatics approach, Journal of Neurochemistry 103: 1491-1505  (IF: 4.061)

Grimpe B, Silver J (2004) A novel DNA-enzyme reduces glycosaminoglycan chains in the glial scar and allows microtransplanted DRG axons to regenerate beyond lesions in the spinal cord, Journal of Neuroscience 24: 1393-1397  (IF: 7.27)

Review: Grimpe B (2012) Deoxyribozymes and bioinformatics: Complementary tools to investigate axon regeneration. Cell Tissue Research, 349:181-200  (IF: 3.114)

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