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BIOTEC Forum 2014

„Biomechanics across scales – molecules, cells, tissues“

8-9 December 2014

The BIOTEC Forum 2014 "Biomechanics across scales - molecules, cells, tissues" brings together international and local experts in the areas of biomechanics, biophysics, cell and developmental biology. The focus will be on biomechanical processes that are at work on different scales. The goal is to present current developments in this area and to identify commonalities and differences of biomechanical processes independent of scale. Specific topics covered include molecular force generation, the cytoskeleton, cell mechanics, mechanonsensitivity and tissue mechanics - a spectrum that reflects the expertise of biomechanics research in Dresden.

Starting in 2007, the BIOTEC Forum has become an annual open meeting, discussing hot topics in one or more of the research areas represented at the BIOTEC Center of the TU Dresden. The format of the meeting is such that internationally renowned speakers at the forefront of their respective research fields will present and discuss recent scientific advances. The meeting is fully open to local and external scientists, with no conference fee being taken. Own contributions can be made within a postersession. 

Invited speakers (confirmed):

Chip Asbury, UW Seattle, USA

Guillaume Charras, Center for Nanotech, London, UK

Zvonimir Dogic, Brandeis, USA

Kristian Franze, U of Cambridge, UK

Nicole Gorfinkiel, CBMSO Madrid, Spain

Jonne Helenius, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Claire Hur, U of Cambridge, UK

Hernán López-Schier, Helmholtz Zentrum München

Scott Manalis, MIT, USA

Erwin Peterman, VU Amsterdam, Netherlands, UK

Giuliano Scarcelli, Harvard, USA

Thomas Surrey, London Research Institute, UK

Jonas Tegenfeldt, Lund University, Sweden

Xavier Trepat, IBEC Barcelona, Spain

David Warshaw, U Vermont, USA

Local organizers: Stefan Diez, Stephan Grill, Jochen Guck

Download the conference poster here

More information will follow soon.

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