Examplepictures of DNA-Structures

Structure of the Biotechnology Center

The BIOTEC is part of the central scientific unit CMCB, which driectly reports to the rectorial board of the TU Dresden.

The CMCB has its own constitution, organizational structure and decision bodies. It consists of the Wissenschaftlichen Rat, the directorate and the administrative coordinators as well as the Scientific Advisory Board.

Members of the Wissenschaftlicher Rat of CMCB

representatives of professors:
Prof. Michael Brand
Prof. Federico Calegari
Prof. Stephan Grill
Prof. Jochen Guck
Prof. Nils Kröger
Prof. Stefan Diez
Prof. Ezio Bonifacio

representatives of scientific staff:
Dr. Grzegorz Chwastek
Dr. Hella Hartmann

representative of non-academic staff:
Juliane Hoth

representative of students:
Christian Schüffler
Anastasia Sveshnikova

equal opportunities officer:
Martin Kaßner
Ines Kästner

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