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History of the BIOTEC

August 11, 1999Foundation of the BIOTEC as Central Scientific Unit of the TU Dresden
August 3, 2001 1st Digging for the  BioInnovationcenter: it offers the new research space for the BIOTEC
2002Establishing of the Master Course in ?Molecular Bioengineering?:  the course aims to teach the fundamentals in biomedicine and bio-nanotechnology combining biology and technology
May 2004all BIOTEC groups move into the new building
May 24, 2004Inauguration of the BioInnovationcenter
October 2005Participation in the Erasmus Mundus Program of the European Union: a double-degree track within the Nanobiophysics Masters course offered along with 4 other European partner universities
2006Award as "Selected Landmark in the Land of Ideas":  This initiative is awarding every day throughout the year places in Germany that develop major innovative ideas.
2007Establishing Master Course in ?NanoBiophysics?:  the course aims to teach students the fundamentals in biophysics and bio-nanotechnology
2007Start of apprenticeship program for Biological lab assistants: 3,5 years apprenticeship with focus on immunology, biotechnology, gene technology, spectroscopy, and communication technology for the lab
August 2007signature of the frame work agreement SMWK ? BIOTEC: the Saxon Ministry of Science supports the BIOTEC until 2013 to implement and develop the technology platform
November 2007Start of the Saxon Biotechnology Day ? series: this conference takes place every 1,5 years with alternating locations at the BIOTEC in Dresden and the Center for Biotechnology and Biomedicine in Leipzig
December 20071. BIOTEC Forum "Engineering Life":  Together with the Max Bergmann Center for Biomaterials, BIOTEC and B CUBE were hosts of the symposium ?Engineering Life?. About 150 scientists and representatives from industry had the possibility to discuss modern biotechnology in combination with nanotechnology and biomimetic materials.
2008Implementation of the B CUBE: It is a Center of Innovation Competence for Molecular Bioengineering. B CUBE focuses its approach along three dimensions: BioProspecting, BioNanoTools, Biomimetic Materials
December 20092. BIOTEC Forum "Probing the cell":  From December 14 to 15 December, 2009, the 2nd BIOTEC Forum took place. More than 200 attendees took part in the forum.  The scope of the conference where newest technological methods to probe the function and structure of cells ranging from single nanometer-sized molecules towards whole organisms.
December 2009Leibniz Prize for Prof. Petra Schwille:  She received one of the ten prizes that are endowed with 2, 5 million Euros each. The prize is regarded as the Nobel prize of German science. In the next seven years, Prof. Schwille can apply the funds flexible to her needs.
3. BIOTEC Forum "System Biology of Cellular Regulation" -
local Organizers Prof. Francis Stewart, Dr. Andreas Beyer
November 2011Humboldt Professur for Jochen Guck: The renowned research award goes to the biophysicist, who currently researches in the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University (UK). He receives a call to the TU Drseden and will focus on the development of new biophysical approaches for stem cell research, blood cell diagnostics and neuroregeneration. The award is endowed with five million Euro for five years.
December 2012 4. BIOTEC Forum "Bioinformatics and Computational Biology" -
March 2014Saxon Biotechnology Day foccusing on Technology Transfer and Commerazialisation for the first time
December 20145. BIOTEC Forum "Biomechanics across scales - molecules, cells, tissues" - local Organizers Stefan Diez (B CUBE), Stephan Grill, Jochen Guck
October 2015Sackler Prize in Biophysics for Prof. Dr. Stephan Grill - twith this prize he is honored for excellent research in the field of mesoscopic physics of cell structure and dynamics.
2016 BIOTEC becomes part of Center for Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering (CMCB) - is a Central Scientific Unit of the Technische Universität Dresden and was legally established as an umbrella organization of the three institutions BIOTEC, CRTD, and B CUBE.
April 2017ERC Advanced Grant for Prof. Dr. Stephan Grill - the Professor for Biophysics, was awarded an ERC Advanced Grant worth EUR 2.5 million for his research on “Chiral Morphogenesis”.
May 2017 Center for Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering (CMCB) - elections of the formal governance bodies and appointment of the managing and deputy directors.
March 20186. BIOTEC Forum "Biophysics in the nucleus" - local Organizers Stephan Grill, Jochen Guck, Michael Schlierf (B CUBE), Francis Stewart, Nadine Vastenhouw (MPI-CBG)
April 2018Establishing Master Course in "Computational Modeling and Simulation" - it is a joint curriculum between the Faculty of Computer Science, the Faculty of Mathematics and the Center for Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering.

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