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Press and Public Relations

In addition to its scientific goals, the BIOTEC aims to make biotechnological knowledge accessible to a wide public, raising awareness and increasing acceptance of biotechnology research. The BIOTEC press- and public relations office serves as an interface between the public and the research center. BIOTEC scientists have the opportunity to interact with the public at a variety of events designed to share information about their latest research work and results. 

Another essential activity of the public relations office is to inform journalists about advancements and events at BIOTEC. Both the BIOTEC and the TU Dresden press offices continuously strive to make BIOTEC activities transparent. Public relations efforts target different groups, including students, politicians, journalists and entrepreneurs, as well as numerous national and international guests of the city Dresden and the Free State of Saxony. BIOTEC scientists are closely involved in public events and press relations, allowing the first-rate transfer of information in a number of formats.

Dana Schoder
Phone: +49 351-463-40050
Fax: +49 351-463-40038
E-Mail: dana.schoder(at)tu-dresden.de

or the Press office of the TU Dresden, 
Phone: +49 (0)351 463-32398 
E-Mail: pressestelle(at)tu-dresden.de

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